Shore Power Around the World

Cochran Marine Jib
Cochran Marine has been delivering Automated Shore Power Systems to cruise ships for nearly a decade. Ports up and down the North American West Coast & East Coast are benefiting from the Cochran Marine Shore Power System. Seven systems are currently in operation, with two more port cities on the east coast scheduled to be on-line by 2014. With the recent incorporation of a frequency converter into its standard line-up, the Cochran Marine Shore Power System is now a global solution, able to be implemented anywhere ocean-going vessels dock.

Shore-side monitoring systems utilize protection relays, as well as redundant safety systems, to ensure the safety of ship and shore electrical systems. Once connected, all of the ship’s systems run on shore electricity instead of its diesel engines, virtually eliminating fuel emissions from the ship while in port.

What is Automated Shore Power?

Shore power systems, or cold ironing, serve the cruise ship and sea transportation industries by reducing/eliminating harmful emissions while in port. When an ocean transport vessel equipped to receive shore power docks in port, Cochran Marine’s uniquely designed automation system determines the proper operating parameters. The shore-side operator simply selects the ship to be connected and the Cochran Marine Shore Power system does the rest.

Five flexible power and control cables are lifted by a specially-designed Cable Positioning Device (CPD) and connected to the ship’s electrical system through marine-standard plugs and sockets. Based on the ship’s specific voltage requirements, power is transferred to the ship and synchronized through a closed transition process monitored and controlled by the ship’s systems.

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