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Cochran Marine provides end-to-end solutions for ports, cruise lines, and freight shipping companies to deliver successful shore power projects.

Design Support

VancouverCochran Marine partners with design engineers and consultants to develop unique shore power installations. Cochran Marine also serves as knowledge-leaders for concept development and as “sounding boards” for Port Commissioners and staff who are contemplating shore power systems. We provide complete project planning, ensuring an efficient phased approach. Services include:

  • Management and oversight of entire design process
  • Engineering assistance to develop a complete electrical design of the system
  • Design review and value engineering
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) of shore power installation
  • Assist with coordination of utility standards by providing details of the operation of the shore power connection, gaining complete understanding and buy in by the utility
  • Provide information required to coordinate cruise ship logistics and operations
  • Stakeholder communication

Supply and Install

Shore PowerOnce a contract is in place, the complete design and installation of a system takes approximately 8–12 months. Cochran Marine provides complete installation services, including:

  • Supply all equipment
  • Oversight of manufacturing process
  • Owner advocacy during purchase/manufacturing
  • Coordination and oversight of local contractors for equipment installation
  • General Contracting services, if needed
  • Commissioning and Testing

Connection Operations

Cochran Marine provides connection management and 24/7/365 service and long-term maintenance. Remote system monitoring allows for accurate tracking of vessel power consumption. Connection management services include:

  • Connection support with our on-the-ground electricians and technicians
  • Remote connection support from our Cochran Marine Connection Center (CMCC)
  • SCADA Monitoring
  • Annual “season-opening” testing
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency service

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Through more than five decades and millions of miles of cabling, Cochran has built its reputation on innovation and seamless execution. Starting with a bold new idea, we created a standards-based shore power solution that benefits operators, ports, utilities, citizens and the environment.